Are you looking for a reasonably priced large grill that can feed a large social gathering in your backyard? How does the sub $500 price range sound to you? If you have a bigger budget then I would suggest you read my Weber Genesis review, otherwise carry on reading as I believe the Dyna-Glo 5 burner gas grills is one of the best lower priced large grills.

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The Main Features

Whether you are grilling burgers, hotdogs or steak the Dyna-Glo gives you plenty of grilling space with a grilling area that’s big enough for 5 burners. What’s more you get a 12,000 BTU side burner and even a 12,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner as standard. This mean that you can grill whole chickens on a rotating spit.

Please note that whilst the rotisserie burner is included as standard, the rotisserie kit isn’t. You will need to buy the motorised rotisserie kit separately. This is pretty much the case with whatever grill you buy as rotisserie kits rarely come as standard unless it’s a high end grill.

I highly recommend that when making a buying decision on a grill to get one with a sider burner. They are so useful for cooking sauces and being separate from the main cooking area it means that they can be gradually warmed up. The Dyna Glo doesn’t disappoint with its sider burner.

Pretty much all grills these days come with the choice of either a natural gas or a liquid propane model. Natural gas would always be my preferred option so before buying a grill I would decide whether you are going to connect it to your home gas supply.

The natural gas model comes with a 10 foot hose. However the liquid propane model doesn’t seem to have the option of a natural gas conversion kit that you can use to convert it to natural gas later on. So I would make up your mind before you purchase between liquid propane or natural gas.

How Big is The Grill?

The main cooking area is 550 square inches, but with the additional side burner and rotisserie burner the grill has a combine cooking area of 764 square inches. So this is a very big grill that represents great value when it comes to its size considering its price. The grilling area is large enough for about 28 burgers.

What Type of Burners Does it Have?

The Dyna Glo has 5 burners that provide a total heat output of 55,000 BTU. There are two types of grill burners on the market these days. There are conventional grills and there are infrared grills. The Dyna Glo has conventional burners. I will quickly explain the difference.

With infrared burners the flame is completely encased which isolates it from the cooking area. As a result food is never exposed to a naked flame which means that there are never any flare-ups. Infrared burners also heat up much more quickly and the heat is more intense. This is also their biggest downfall as it makes them much harder to cook with.

I personally prefer conventional burners, so for me this is a big plus for the Dyna Glo grill. If what I’ve said about infrared burner’s appeals to you then you might prefer the Char Broil range of grills which are in the same price range and have infrared burners.

What Type of Ignition?

Whether you buy the liquid propane or the natural gas model, they both come with the same push button electronic pulse ignition.

Build Quality and Construction

The grill features cast iron cooking grates that are coated in porcelain enamel. This ensures that heat is evenly distributed across the surface of the grill and that it also easy to clean afterwards as the porcelain enamel finish helps to prevent food from sticking. These types of grates are the best kind as they help to sear the food for those classic grill marks as well locking in the natural juices of the food.

The Dyna Glo features a double-layered hood that helps to retain the heat when it is closed. Mounted on the hood is a built-in thermometer which clearly shows you the temperature inside the grill.

On either side of the grill is mounted a side table where you can easily prepare the food before or after you grill it. The left mounted side table has a flush mounted hatch which lifts upwards to reveal the side burner which is conveniently tucked away when not being used.

Beneath the main grill is a cabinet assembly that feature two stainless steel doors behind which is storage space for buns, crockery or whatever you want to have handy while you are grilling. This is also where the liquid propane tank is stored if you purchase the liquid propane model.

The cabinet is mounted on four multi-directional casters so that the grill can easily be manoeuvred off the patio back into storage. The grill locks firmly into position as two of the casters can be locked firmly into position.

The grill has a premium stainless steel finish which is a big improvement on some of the grills I’ve seen that are made from low grade steel to keeps costs down. The grill is controlled by chrome-plated controls on the front panel of the grill.

Who Makes Dyna Glo Grills?

Dyna Glo Grills are manufactured by a company called GHP Group, Inc. It took me a little while to find this out as there is no actual Dyna Glo website. They manufacture many different types of heating and patio products. It seems however that they are a relatively new entrant in the grilling marketplace.

They are a US based company, but like pretty much most manufacturers these days they manufacturer their products in China. I can’t say that I’m surprised given the price range of these grills and the value they provide with their large size and features. If you want a grill made in the US, then you will need to spend a lot more money.

Is there any Assembly Required?

Whatever grill you decide to buy, there will be some assembly required which is the norm with grills. The good news is that it is very easy to assemble. The frame components snap together easily and you just have to screw in a few bolts. Everything lines up perfectly without feeling like you are forcing the parts together. The assembly instructions are very clear and easy to follow and all of the components come individually packed. You can expect to spend about an hour putting it together.

Where Can I Buy a Dyna Glo Grill?

You can find a large range of Dyna Glo grills on Amazon. This particular Dyna Glo grill is available with the option of 2, 4 or 5 burners. The 2 burner version has no side burner, but other than this the only real difference between them is the size.

Amazon is a great place to do further product research into this grill as there are currently over 500 customer reviews. The average customer rating is currently 4 out of 5 stars with 58% of customers giving it the maximum 5 star rating.

As with most products there is are always going to be unhappy customers. With Dyna Glo they are a very small minority but one of the main complaints was that it rusted after a few years. You should always protect your grill and as long as you clean it well and cover it when not in use you should be fine. In fact one of the checkout options in Amazon is to add a cover for this grill and I would you recommend that you do so if you decide to purchase it.

Best Alternative Grills in Price Range

For the same price as the Dyna Glo grill you can get a much small Weber Spirit grill. If you don’t need something quite as big a Dyna Glo 5 burner grill then you may like to take a look at my review here.

For a similar price you can buy a similar size Char Broil grill which uses infrared burners which I have already briefly discussed.

If you have a bigger budget then you can get a Weber Genesis grill which is about the same size and has similar features but has much better build quality. A Weber grill will last you a lot longer and is worth paying extra for.


I was surprised by how good the build quality is given its price and Chinese manufacture. Whilst the steel used in its construction is of a lower grade than higher end grills its premium stainless steel finish make it looks more expensive than it actually is. However corners have been cut here and there to keep costs down such as the plastic door handles on the cabinet.

One thing I liked about this grill was how easy it is to clean as the grease tray just slides out. The porcelain enamelled grates are easy to wipe down and clean too.

The worst thing about this grill would have to be that it has a large gap at the back which according to the manufacturer is supposed to be a safety feature to prevent the grill from getting too hot. This might be a concern for you because as a result this grill does not reach the same high temperatures as other grills. The Dyna-Glo can reach temperatures around 450-500C and can sometimes struggle to maintain them.

Please remember that should you decide to buy this grill that there is a no option to convert the liquid propane model to natural gas. The manufacturer does not make a conversion kit, so you are stuck with liquid propane if you decide later you want to use natural gas instead. All other grill manufacturers seem to make their own conversion kits, but Dyno-Glo don’t. So you’ve been warned.

This is a grill that could have been priced another $100-$150 higher and still represent good value. It’s certainly not as good as a Weber Genesis, but they are nearly twice as much. Its closest competitor would have to be the Char Broil grills which you should also take a look at if you are interested in an infrared grill. But personally I prefer conventional burners and the Dyna Glo has much better build quality. The Dyna Glo is my recommendation for a large grill in the $500 or under price range.

6 Responses to “Dyna Glo 5 Burner Gas Grill Reviews”

  1. Nick


    I have a REALLY big family, like there’s 37 of us at Christmas time all getting together for a barby, would you say this will be a big enough beast for the job? It looks pretty darn good, just wanna make sure it’s big enough….



  2. Lawnaholic Nick


    First, thanks for the informative post. I don’t currently have a grill and I’m always considering getting a new one for my backyard. As soon as my budget allows, I’ll make the decision between this type or possibly an electric one.

    Since I’m vegetarian, I’m limited to what I can do with a grill, but still love to cook! It’s a big deal about having a side burner – I’ve had those in the past and it’s nice to have the added feature. What I didn’t know is that you can fit 28 burgers on this thing!


  3. Bec

    This is similar to a grill I have, and I agree the side burner is essential. I hadn’t thought so before, but use it all the time. I wouldn’t buy a grill without one now. This is a great price for this grill. Thank you!

  4. Ines

    thank you for the review. glad you pointed out that DynaGlo doesn’t offer a conversion kit. Other than that this is perfect for that price, especially with the side burner and even when adding a cover which I agree is a must have.

  5. Bob @ Wired for Coffee

    I agree, I much prefer using the conventional burners. It’s kind of like the “discussion” I have with the wife. I’d rather go outside and use an open flame than the electric range we have in house. Way too hard to control the heating.

    Quick question, what kind of warranty does it have? Do you think an extended warranty for this unit be a reasonable purchase?

  6. GB

    I’m looking into buying a large grill to be able to host larger numbers of people. This looks like a really good option for the price. Do you have a feel for how durable this grill is? I wonder if it would still be cost-effective to save and buy the Weber Genesis, even if it is twice as much… Thanks for the review!


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