Is your bike too nice be left out on the patio? Perhaps it’s taking up valuable space in the garage. If you can’t seem to find the ideal place to store your bike then perhaps you should think about getting a bike outdoor storage shed.

Firstly “bike sheds” aren’t really a thing as the ideal size shed for outdoor bike storage is also ideal for storing lots of other things as well. So what you are really looking for is a low profile storage shed that is about 4 feet high. These type of sheds are usually marketed as storage sheds but they are great bike storage solutions as well as being great for storing lawnmowers and trash cans etc.

In my opinion, the perfect outdoor storage for bikes would have to be the Rubbermaid bicycle storage shed as it is the perfect height and it is secure enough to deter all but the most determined bicycle thieves.

Rubbermaid make several different size storage sheds of which two are particular suited for outdoor bike storage. The sheds we will be looking at are the 32 and the 96 cubic foot storage sheds.

How Many Bikes Can the 32 and 96 Cubic Foot Sheds Store?

The 32 cubic foot shed is the perfect size for storing a single bike. But you should be able to store two adult bikes but they would be crammed in quite tightly. The shed’s vertical height of 47” is perfect for bikes. The full dimensions of the shed are 47”H x 60”W x 32”D.

If you have three or four bikes then you would need to consider the 96 cubic foot shed. It will store three bikes comfortably and four at a bit of a squeeze. The full dimensions are 53”H x 57”W x 76.25”D.

Unlike the 32 cubic foot shed, the 96 still has room for a shelving as well as bikes. This is perfect for keeping your cycling helmets and other accessories conveniently stored next to your bike.

What about the Build Quality?

The shed is made from weather-resistant plastic that will protect your bike from the elements. For extra durability it features double-walled construction.

There is no metal to rust and it won’t rot like a wooden shed. The shed has two doors that open outwards to allow easy access to store and retrieve your bike(s).

As I stated earlier this is a multipurpose storage shed and it has a lid that opens up (32) or slides open (96). This is not much use if you are using the shed for storing bikes as this is really for easy access if you use the shed to store your trash cans. There is the option of adding shelving inside both sheds but fitting them to the 32 cubic foot shed won’t leave room to fit your bike.

How Secure is the Rubbermaid Bicycle Storage Shed?

Security is going to a big concern for outside bike storage if you have a bike worth stealing. The sturdy construction from strong plastic is excellent. It is certainly tough enough. However, it is let down by not coming with a padlock as standard. You will have to buy your own. However, this also means that you can choose to buy the most secure padlock you can possibly find. The combination of the tough construction and a decent padlock would make a very secure place to store your bike.

What are the Bad Points?

The weakest part of the shed’s construction are its hinges. These simply aren’t of the same durability as the main shed materials. This shed ought to last you a very long time but the hinges may shorten its lifespan. The manufacturer only offers a one year warranty which is a rather short.

I’m not fussed about the lack of a padlock as if you have an expensive bike you would probably want to buy a better padlock anyway.

Do I Need to Assemble the Shed?

The shed does require assembly, however it is straightforward to put together although it may cause some frustration. I expect it would take most people one to two hours to put together. It was a bit awkward to assemble by myself so it would be helpful if you had another pair of hands to help you.

Where Can I Buy a Rubbermaid Bike Shed?

I recommend that you first look on Amazon as they sell both the 32 and 96 cubic foot sheds at great prices and you get great customer service too. These are very popular sheds with well other 800 customer reviews at the time of writing with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. A total of 48% customers have given it the maximum 5 star rating.

What About other Brands of Outside Bike Storage Sheds?

If you wish to shop around and see what else is on the market then I recommend you have a look at Suncast storage sheds. They make two sheds which are very similar in design and specification to the two Rubbermaid bike sheds.

For just a single bike take a look at the Suncast BMS4700 storage shed and for up to four bikes have a look at the Suncast BMS4900F shed.

What is the Most Secure Bike Outdoor Storage Shed?

If you are really serious about cycling and own a very expensive bike and you a want a storage shed built like a tank then there is the Bosmere Trimetals A300 bicycle storage unit. Don’t even think about this unless you are prepared to spend well over a thousand bucks.

The Bosmere is made from PVC-coated galvanized steel and is guaranteed against corrosion for 15 years. It has been designed for all types of bikes and will hold up to three road bikes or two mountain bikes. It can accommodate two padlocks and can also be bolted to the ground.

Other Types of Outdoor Storage for Bikes

If the Rubbermaid bicycle storage shed isn’t quite what you are looking for or is too expensive then there are other options which we will take a look at.

The YardStash III Bike Storage Tent

The cheapest outdoor bike storage solutions option would be a bike storage tent such as the YardStash III. It is literally a tent for storing bikes and as a result it is great for protecting your bike from the rain. It is not a secure place to keep your bikes. However it compensates for this by having an opening in the rear that allows you to chain your bike to a fence or a post.

One nice feature of the YardStash III is that like a tent it folds up just like a tent too which means you can carry it with you on a trip. That would make it ideal if you take your bikes camping with you.

The YardStash III is made from rip-resistant industrial grade vinyl and has an integrated floor. It features UPF 50+ protection which protects your bikes from the sun too. The door is completely sealed with heavy duty zippers.

Where Can I Buy a Yardstash III?

The YardStash is available to buy on Amazon where at the time of writing it has over 300 customer reviews. The vast majority of customers think the tent is great and have given it an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 with 69% giving it the maximum rating.

Introducing the YardStash IV

As of summer 2016 there is a new Yardstash bike storage tent called predictably the Yardstash IV. Judging by the price difference it would seem to be a new higher end product rather than a replacement for the III.

The main difference is that the IV is made from much more durable materials for use in more extreme weather conditions all year round. The III has a roof that is made from tougher material than the sides whereas the new IV is made from the same tougher material on both the roof and the sides. It also provides superior protection from UV damage and is deeper than the III by two inches.

Where Can I Buy a Yardstash IV?

They are available to purchase on Amazon, however being such a new product there is only a handful of customer reviews so far. However it is pretty much the same as the III only tougher so I expect it to be receiving even more favourable reviews in the long run.

Comparison Table

Model: Rubbermaid 32

Model: Rubbermaid 96

Model: YardStash III

Model: YardStash IV

Number of Bikes 1-23-422

The Final Verdict on Outdoor Bike Storage Solutions

I can’t really recommend to you which of these products to buy as they are so different that you will probably have already made up your mind. The YardStash is a tent and a Rubbermaid bike shed will cost two or three times the money depending on the size. However, they are both great outdoor bike storage solutions if you are having a problem finding a safe place to keep your bike(s).

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