• Char Broil Tru Infrared 3 Burner Grill Review

    Are you looking for a grill for your backyard that can cater for a large family gathering with great build quality and features at a great price? If you are then a Char Broil Tru Infrared grill would be perfect for anybody who is serious about grilling and has a budget of less than $400 as all of their grills are in the sub $400 range. If Weber grills are a bit beyond your price range then Char Broil Tru Infrared grills could be the next best thing.
  • How to Make a DIY Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub

    Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a hot tub with a few friends on your patio in glorious sunshine. But the bad news is that a good quality hot tub is going to cost you several thousand dollars. However Jesse and Alyssa have been building their own cedar hot tub on their off grid homestead. What’s more they have been creating a ten part video series showing you how to do the same. As I write this they have released the first three episodes and I will share with you the link at
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  • How to Make Your Own DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven

    If you are a pizza lover and you want to turn your backyard into a pizzeria you have two options. You can buy an outdoor pizza oven for less than a couple of hundred bucks. But those aren’t going to recreate the authentic flavor of a wood fired brick pizza. To buy a wood fired brick pizza oven they are going to cost you north of a thousand bucks. There is however another option and that is to make you own outdoor pizza oven. The main skill you need to build a brick pizza oven is,
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  • 5 Healthy Grilling Tips for a Summer Barbecue

    Summer is upon us once again which means many of us will be cooking outdoors on the patio with our grills or smokers. But what about all the bad rap that grilled foods gets and will eating grilled food derail your attempt to follow a healthy diet? The problem with grilling is that otherwise healthy food can become carcinogenic as the result of excess smoking and charring. There has been much misinformation for decades about meat being bad for our health when in actual fact it is how we
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  • swineapple

    Give My Complements to the Chef – Swineapple Recipe

    Summer is almost upon us which means it’s time to take the cover off of your grill. One of my favourite grilled foods are ribs. Most people think ribs recipes are all about the marinade but why stop there when you can you use those delicious ribs as the filling inside a "swineapple". A swineapple if you don’t already know is a pineapple stuffed with boneless ribs and then wrapped in bacon. This recipe might look as though it will challenge your grilling skills but it really is
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  • Best Pizza Oven for Outdoors: Pizzacraft Pronto or Blackstone?

    What if you could make pizzas at home that were at least as good as if not even better than those you get delivered to your door? That would have to be a damn good pizza oven wouldn’t it! Fortunately for home pizza lovers there are several outdoor pizza ovens that can do just that. In this article I will be reviewing what I have found to be the best pizza ovens that will make home pizza delivery to your household obsolete. Making the perfect at home pizza can be a challenge as you first
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    Pellet Grill Reviews – What is the Best Pellet Smoker?

    Making a decision to buy a pellet grill is all about wanting that distinctive smoky barbecue taste. You can spend a lot of money on one of the excellent natural gas / liquid propane grills from Weber but they won’t give you the same flavor that you get from a pellet smoker. However pellet grills are fairly small in comparison and aren’t the best grills for catering for large gatherings. But if it’s that smoky barbecue taste you after then nothing compares to a pellet grill. In this
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  • Weber Q3200 Review – The High End of Portable Grills

    Since their inception in 1950 Weber has become the first brand that most grilling enthusiasts think of when it comes to grills.  The brands motto is “By grillers, for grillers”. Weber manufactures several different ranges of gas grills based on size, features and build quality.  The Q range of gas grills is Weber’s portable range.   The Q range starts at the lowest end with the single burner Q1000 and the ends at the high end with the twin burner Q3200. The Q range consists of five
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  • Weber Spirit E-310 Review (Featuring the Weber Spirit E-320)

    The Weber Spirit range of gas grills are a more affordable range of gas grills to the more expensive Weber Genesis range.  The range consists of several models that offer a choice of either 2 or 3 burners and the option of a side burner.  Side burners allow you to heat up a saucepan on the side of the grill which is perfect for heating up some sauce to go with the meat you are grilling. For the purpose of this grill I will be focusing mainly on the Spirit E-310 which is a 3 burner
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  • Weber Summit S-670 Review – The King of Grills

    Weber is a brand that has for decades been associated with the very best in outdoor grilling.  If you have entered the market looking for a top of the range grill then a Weber grill from the Summit range surely has to be given your serious consideration.  We will be taking a look at the Weber Summit S-670 which is the flagship of the Summit range.  We will also be taking a look at all the other models in the Summit range in order to give you an understanding of how they
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