Do you remember all the fun you had as a kid bouncing around in the garden on your trampoline? The chances are that you do and that you are now looking for the best trampoline for your own children. But which trampoline should you buy?

When it comes to kids having the most fun the obvious choice would be the Skywalker trampoline 15 as it is the most popular. In my opinion this is best trampoline for kids and it will be the subject of this review.

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Why Skywalker Trampolines?

Skywalker make trampolines for kids and they make their trampolines to be fun. There is a big differences between trampolines that are built for fitness and those that are built for fun. Fun trampolines don’t cost nearly as much and they include safety features to make them safe for children. It’s a bit difficult for your child to fall off a Skywalker as they are surrounded by a safety enclosure. Skywalker trampoline are also available with additional features such as an optional basketball hoop.

Skywalker Trampoline 15 Foot – General Details

I’ll start by stating the obvious that the 15 ft Skywalker trampoline measures 15ft x 15ft. The not so obvious statistic is that it is 9.5ft in height with the safety net attached. The construction of the frame is a solid and sturdy heavy gauge galvanized steel that is also rust resistant.

The safety net features a unique button connector that fixes it to the frame enclosure without their being any gaps in-between and minimizes the risk of little fingers becoming trapped. The enclosure frame is able to hold the safety net firmly in place without becoming twisted. The trampoline comes with all the tools you need to securely attach the enclosure to the frame.

What Age Range is the Skywalker 15 Suitable For?

Skywalker recommend that this trampoline should be used by children age 6 and upwards. The trampoline has a weight capacity of 200lb which is enough to support an adult so there is not really an upper age limit. Remember that is the total weight capacity and the trampoline is big enough for several children to use it at once. Having tested this trampoline I’ve found that its capacity is about 2 or 3 kids before it starts to feel like it is being strained. At this point it starts to get a bit wobbly.

Do I Have to Assemble the Trampoline?

Yes, assembly is required and it is likely to take two adults working together about two hours. The trampoline arrives in two boxes so make sure that they both there upon delivery.

Do They Come in Different Colors?

You can buy a Skywalker 15 trampoline in a choice of blue, green, red or camo. The only parts of the trampoline that vary in color are the padding. The mat and the safety enclosure is always black.
Does it come with a Basketball Hoop?

You can purchase the Skywalker 15 with or without a basketball hoop which also comes with a soft ball. I recommend that you purchase the trampoline with the basketball hoop if you are likely to want it in future as the standard Skywalker one doesn’t seem to be easily available by itself.

If you don’t purchase the trampoline with a basketball hoop it is possible to buy one from a third party manufacturer at a later date that is compatible with the trampoline. These are available to buy on Amazon.

Can I Get a Bigger or a Smaller Trampoline?

If you feel that the 15ft x 15ft Skywalker round trampoline is either too big or too small for you then you have the option of smaller (8ft, 10ft, 12ft) or a larger sized 17ft X 15ft oval trampoline

Are Spare Parts Easy to Obtain?

Trampolines are prone to breakages every so often with the most likely parts to break being the springs. You can purchase replacement parts easily on Skywalker’s website. Alternatively you can just call your local trampoline repair man who will come out and fix it for you and he is sure to have replacement parts as this is such a popular model.

Should I Buy a Round or Rectangle Trampoline?

There is a big difference in price between the Skywalker 15ft round and 15ft rectangle shaped trampolines with the rectangular trampolines being much more expensive. You can expect to pay about double for a rectangular trampoline.

But why would the shape make such a big difference in price? The reason being is that rectangle shaped trampolines are designed for gymnastic use as opposed to being just for fun. With a round trampoline your weight is equally distributed across the springs whereas with a rectangle trampoline the springs work at different rates and give you much more lift. This means that you have more control of the height and landing of your jumps.

The Pros

The rust resistant steel means that you can leave the trampoline outside exposed to the elements unlike some of the very cheap trampolines which will begin to rust. Cheaper trampoline aren’t built to last and they can cause injury when they rust or break. You won’t have this problem with a Skywalker trampoline due to its heavy duty galvanized steel construction. Trampolines take up a lot of storage space so you will most likely be leaving it outside and the Skywalker is tough enough to withstand the elements.

The Skywalker is the safest trampoline for kids with its safety enclosure and to make it even safer it has plenty of padding all around the circumference of the frame. If your kids fall awkwardly and land towards the edges of the trampoline mat then the thick padding will ensure that they are protected from the metal frame. The safety net ensures that you children will stay inside the trampoline and there is no danger of them falling off and getting injured.

The Skywalker trampoline is excellent value for money especially when you consider that many trampolines don’t come with safety enclosures as standard. Instead they are often expensive add-ons that can cost as much the Skywalker itself.

The Cons

The maximum weight limit of 200 pounds is a bit on the low side and this will become very noticeable if you exceed it. Its construction is perfect for 2 or 3 children but if you expect it to be used by more children than that I would perhaps look at a sturdier trampoline.

The rectangular trampoline has a weight limit of 250 pounds which is 25% more than the round trampoline but at twice the cost it’s not recommended unless you want to do gymnastics.

If the maximum weight capacity is a concern for you then you may like to take a look at the Exacme 15 trampoline which has the highest maximum weight limit of any 15 foot trampoline with a capacity of 375 pounds.


You will only be considering a trampoline like this for kid’s to play on. If you were looking for a trampoline for fitness or gymnastics then you have been looking at the wrong trampoline. However the 15ft rectangle trampoline would be a good purchase if your child has an interest in gymnastics.

It is however the perfect fun trampolines for kids to play on and the safety enclosure and thick padding make it one of the safest trampolines. This should give you much peace of mind as a parent knowing that your children can enjoy themselves without the risk of injury.

This is a trampoline that will last you many years to come and will be the only trampoline your children will ever need (unless they decide they want to become gymnasts).

Overall the Skywalker represents great value for money with a build quality and features that you would normally associate with more expensive trampolines. I have no hesitation in saying that I believe this to be the best kids trampoline in its price range.

Where Can I Buy Skywalker Trampolines?

You can buy Skywalker trampolines on Amazon which is where I would recommend you purchase them due to their great prices and customer service. I would encourage you to visit Amazon and take a look at the excellent Skywalker trampoline reviews that customer have left after purchasing the trampoline. The 15ft Skywalker trampoline has well over 1000 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Only a tiny minority of Amazon customers have left a negative review about this trampoline. The most common cause for dissatisfaction was that the trampoline arrived with parts missing or the instruction manual was missing. As I mentioned earlier the trampoline arrives in two boxes and a few customers said that only one box arrived. So make sure that you only accept the delivery if both boxes arrive.

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