Weber is a name that will be very familiar to grilling enthusiasts as the brand name has become synonymous with backyard barbecues for millions of enthusiastic owners.  You just have to look at some of the internet forums and online customer reviews and you will be struck by just how popular and well regarded this brand is.

I’m guessing that you probably don’t own a Weber grill already and that you are a potential first time buyer.  The reason I say this is because Weber grills are built to last and if you had one already it would be probably still be going strong.    So not surprisingly I had very high expectations when I got my hands on a Weber Genesis S-310.

The Weber Genesis S-310 is a stainless steel grill but there is an identical colored (black, copper or green) model which has the E-310 model number.  So regardless of which of these two models you are interested in this review will apply to both as the only differences are color and price.  The stainless steel model however is a little bit more expensive.  There is also the S-330 (E-330) model that has some additional features which I will discuss later on.  But otherwise this review also covers the S-330 and E-330.


All models are available with natural gas or liquid propane variations with only minimal price difference.

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What are the Main Features?

Let’s face it; if you are thinking about buying this grill then you are probably expecting to have to cater for some pretty large family gatherings.  So does it have the capacity to cope without leaving your guests hungry whilst they are waiting for their burgers?  With 637 square inches total cooking area you can expect to be able to cook about 30 burgers at a time.  Does that sound enough for you?  If so then this could well be the grill for you!

The cooking surface is divided into two parts with a main cooking surface (507 square in.) and an elevated rack (130 square in.) which is for warming.  Heat is provided by three gas burners with a combined input of 38000 BTU per hour.  Each of the burners is controlled by precision front mounted dials.  This ensures that is easy to turn up the heat and turn it down again as required.

A unique feature of the Genesis range of grills is the “Flavorizer” bar system.  These “Flavorizer” bars can be angled to catch the fat as it drips off the food so that it sizzles and smokes.  This adds flavor to the food.

The grill features a grease management system which catches fat as it runs off the food.  This helps to prevent those flare-ups from occurring inside the grill and prevents the burners from getting clogged up. Grease is captured beneath the grill in a tray and flows into a disposable drip pan. The grease tray slides out for easy cleaning and the drip pan is easily disposed of and replaced with a new one.

Six hooks allow you to hang all the tools you need in easy reach whilst operating the grill.  These are invaluable to save you running back to the kitchen when you realize you left an essential tool inside.

There’s no need to for a lighter or matches to get the grill going.  All grills in the Genesis range feature an electronic ignition system.

If you opt for the natural gas version it comes with a 10 foot flexible hose which is why it typically costs around an extra $20 or so.  Otherwise you will need to provide a 20lb liquid propane tank which is housed in the cabinet beneath the grill.  There is also a neat little gauge which shows you how much propane you have left.  Personally I think the natural gas option is a much better choice if you have gas at your property.  Saves messing around with propane gas tanks.

No high end grill would be complete without food preparation areas.   Smaller grills mean that you have to prepare your food elsewhere before carrying it to the grill.  But the S-310 gives you ample room on either side of the main grill to prepare the food.

The grill is equipped with a lid that you can lower in order to cover the food and this will increase the temperature and decrease the cooking time.  It is easy to monitor the temperature inside the grill as it features a built in thermometer.  I suggest you keep an eye on this to avoid turning you food into charcoal!  If you have used inferior grills in the past you may well be surprised at just how hot this grill can get and how quickly too.  It’s all too easy to incinerate your food with this grill if you have used a cheap grill in the past that takes ages to cook the food.  So be careful when you first use it.

What is the Build Quality Like?

One of the most important considerations when buying an outdoor grill is the build quality. Weber grills are built to last and many owners are still using their grills decades after inferior brands have fallen apart.  The S-310 is quite simply a stunning looking grill made from durable parts and will last you for many years to come.  All Weber grills come with a 10 year warranty and that should you give you added confidence in their build quality.

Is the Grill Easy to Set Up?

This grill is a bit of a beast weighing in at 165 pounds so not surprisingly they don’t ship it to you in one piece.  As a result there is some assembly required which will probably take you a couple of hours.  But don’t worry the instructions are very clear and if you get stuck Weber man their internet and telephone support 24 hours a day.

The grill is not exactly what I would call portable, however it can be moved around on its four heavy duty casters.  The front two casters can be locked to ensure stability.  You certainly don’t want to move it around unless you have to.  So I would choose a place on your patio before it arrives and then assemble it there.

Genesis S-310 vs S-330 (E-310 vs E-330)

The next model up from the Genesis S-310 is the S-330 which is pretty much the same grill but with the addition of a side grill and a sear station.   The 12000 BTU side burner lets you multi task and cook other food on the side whilst the main grill is in use.

The 10000 BTU sear station is basically three burners arranged much closer together than the burners in the main grill.  This means that a zone on the grill gets much hotter much faster.   You know those classic grill marks you see on food?   That’s what searing does and you can do it with this grill.  It gives the food a more interesting taste and texture.  You don’t need a sear station to sear your food, but without one it will take you longer.

It’s definitely worth paying the extra to get the added benefits of the sear station and side burner if you feel that they would be useful to you.  However they are by no means essential if you would prefer to save yourself some money and buy the S-310.

Personally I like the 330 because the additional side burner means that I can heat up a bowl of relish or sauce for instance to accompany the burgers that are cooking on the main grill.  I can’t be in two places at once, and without it I would have to leave grill to use the hob indoors to heat up a saucepan.

Model: S-310

Model: E-310

Model: S-330

Model: E-330

Total Cooking Area637 Square Inches637 Square Inches637 Square Inches637 Square Inches
Hamburger Patties25252525
Sear StationNoNoYesYes
Side BurnerNoNoYesYes

Which Weber Genesis Grill to Buy?

The Genesis S-310 (and E-310) are the entry level models in the Genesis range and have fewer features than the E-330.  However for most of us, this grill has all the features we will ever need.  The Genesis range represents the middle range of all Weber grills so depending on your budget there are both cheaper and more expensive grills in the Weber range.

If your budget can’t quite extend to one of the Genesis range of grill you could consider the Spirit range.  If on the other hand you have extra money to spare the next range up from the Genesis is the Summit series.   You can expect to pay around double for a grill in the Summit series so that would be a significant price difference whereas the cheaper Spirit range typically cost a little more than half that of the Genesis range.   So there is a pretty broad price range to suit all budgets.  Even with a lower end Weber grill you will still be getting an amazing grill.  If it says Weber on it, it’s a grill worth buying!

You may like to read my reviews of the Weber Summit S-670 and the Weber Spirit E-310 elsewhere on this blog. As with the Genesis range, both the Spirit and the Summit ranges consist of several different models and in my reviews I have included comparison tables showing the differences between them.

Optional Extras

You are going to want to protect your beautiful new grill from the elements and I highly recommend buying a cover at the time of purchase.  The manufacturer makes covers especially for this model of grill.  It’s in amazing looking grill and you will want to keep it looking that way.

As well as grilling, did you know that you can use the Genesis grills to roast as well?   You can purchase a rotisserie spit for your grill as an optional extra.  This consists of two split forks that are powered by an electric motor.  This enables you to cook whole chickens on a spit for that delicious rotisserie taste.

Where are Weber Grills Made?

All Weber grills are designed and manufactured in the USA from where they are distributed and sold all around the world.

Are Weber Genesis Grills Worth the Money?

Weber grills aren’t cheap but if you want quality you have to pay a bit extra.  A Weber grill will last you a decade and probably much longer (hence the 10 year warranty) and certainly a lot longer than lesser grills.  The quality is outstanding and the grills are a joy to use.  When you click on the link to Amazon take a look at the customer reviews.  There are literally hundreds of reviews from happy customers who are proud to own a Weber grill.

Where Can I Buy a Weber Grill?

For the full range of Weber grills at the best prices I recommend that you have a look on  Amazon as you can expect to pay much less than the official list price.  Unless you are lucky enough to find the grill on sale elsewhere then Amazon is place to look.  They are pretty much the go to place to buy anything online these days and grills are no exception and their customer service is excellent too.

Time for our Verdict!

I believe that whatever Weber grill you buy that you will be a very delighted customer.  Weber is a brand that I trust and I admit that I have developed a brand loyalty to them.  They are well made, they look amazing and they cook food brilliantly.  The question is really which Weber grill suits your budget range.  The Genesis is a mid-range Weber grill.    If you have a bigger budget check out my review of the Weber Summit grills range.  Likewise if you are looking for something cheaper take a look at the Weber Spirit grills range.  Whatever you decide, happy grilling!

7 Responses to “Weber Genesis S-310 Review (also Featuring the S-330)”

  1. Dawn

    I know in Australia – Weber is THE brand – and believe me – they know All about grilling/barbecueing.
    This one looks awesome – and those prices are great too! does the flavorizer bar creating the smoke add any additional fat back into the food do you know? Or is it just the smoke that adds that lovely chargrilled flavor onto the food?

    • Martin

      The “Flavorizer” bars catch the fat that drips off and allows the smoke from the fat to add additional flavor to the food.

  2. Noel

    I’m shopping for a new gas grill because the one I bought last year is falling apart already. Years ago, when charcoal grills were the only grills available, we had a Weber Smokey Joe charcoal grill that was almost 20 years old when we finally had to give in and dump it. I was quite excited when I saw that Weber now makes a gas grill. I don’t mind spending the extra cash, as long as it lasts for awhile.

    Awesome article/review – you left no stone unturned.

  3. Carl

    I love my patio life, and I’m looking for a new Barbie, this bad boy looks like it will go the distance, and Weber is the King of BBQ’s. i am also looking for a smoker box that i can put inside. Do Webber sell anything like that?

  4. Gwen

    Oh, how wonderful! Our old grill was a Weber. It was great and lived many, many years. Honestly, I am not sure how long we owned it. I remember my kids were in grade school and they are both married with babies now.

    Sadly, the old girl gave up this year and had to be retired. Since she lasted so long I knew I was completely out of the loop on grills and advancements and stuff.

    Thank you so much for the in-depth reviews. You save me tons of research time!

  5. Lena B

    Great review! Several of our family own Weber grills and they definitely live up to their claim to quality and durability. We don’t have one yet but would love one.. I’ll be coming back here when I’m ready to buy!


  6. Nick

    Looks like a good little BBQ. I agree about the cover, my brother is pretty retentitive about keeping his grill clean, but it’s so much easier to have a good cleaning routine that keeps it clean, than to have to use some hardcore cleaning product or something later on. Even just hot water, some vinegar and one of those scrubber brushes can do the trick for cleaning if you put in some elbow grease!


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