Since their inception in 1950 Weber has become the first brand that most grilling enthusiasts think of when it comes to grills.  The brands motto is “By grillers, for grillers”.

Weber manufactures several different ranges of gas grills based on size, features and build quality.  The Q range of gas grills is Weber’s portable range.   The Q range starts at the lowest end with the single burner Q1000 and the ends at the high end with the twin burner Q3200.

The Q range consists of five models (Q1000, Q1200, Q2000, Q2200, Q3200) in total and all but the top of the range Q3200 have a single burner and are designed to be portable enough to be carried.  The Q3200 with its twin burners is the exception as it comes with its own stand that is mounted on two wheels.

For the purpose of this review we will be focusing on the Q3200 and will be comparing it with the other models in the Q range so that you will know how they differ.

The Q3200 in its previous incarnation was the Q320 which has since been updated and rebadged as the Q3200.  The same convention applies to the other four models in the Q range with an additional 0 being added to the latest model numbers.

What are the Main Features?

  •  With both of the two burners on full blast the grill has a total input of 21,700 BTU per hour.
  • The total grilling area is 393 square inches and there is an additional 69 square inch warming area where you can transfer food once it’s nearly done to free up space on the main grill.
  • The grilling grates are made from cast iron and coated with porcelain-enamel.  The body of the grill and the lid are made from cast aluminium.
  • The grill is mounted on top of a wheeled stand so that you can easily wheel it in and out of storage.
  • The grilling area is split into two halves so that you can have a different grate in each half.  This means you can be simultaneously grilling one lot of food on a grate and next to it on the other half of the grill you can be cooking on a griddle.   The griddle is perfect if you want to cook breakfast on the grill as you need one if you wish to cook bacon.  However the grill is supplied with two grates and you will have purchase a griddle separately.
  • There is no need for matches or a lighter to ignite the burner as it has a one touch button which triggers the electronic ignition.  Once ignited the temperature can be maintained at a constant setting by simply selecting your desired temperature.
  • The lid of the grill is equipped with a thermometer so that you can keep an eye on the temperature when you have the lid down.  If you have not used a Weber grill before they get a lot hotter than cheaper grills and you might be surprised at just how hot they get and how quickly too.  So make sure you keep an eye on the temperature when you have the lid down or risk turning your food into charcoal.
  • The handle of the grill is equipped with a “Grill Out” light that senses when the lid of the grill is opened and it will turn on the light.  This is a nice feature when using the grill outdoors at night.
  • There are three hooks on which you can conveniently hang your grilling tools in easy reach.
  • On either side of the grill is a fold down food preparation table where you can prepare the food before putting it on the grill or after you have taken it off.
  • The Q3200 uses a 20 pound liquid propane canister as its fuel source.   There is also a natural gas option as it is supplied with a 10 foot flexible hose to attach it to the gas supply in your home.

How Many People Can I Cater For With This Grill?

The grill can cook about 19 burgers at a time so it can easily cater for 9-10 people assuming they eat two burgers each. The warming area means that you can take nearly done burgers off the main grill and let them cook gently whilst you put some more food on the main grill.  As a result you can probably stretch the capacity to about a dozen people before any of your guests start having to watch other people eat whilst they are waiting for their food to be cooked.  If this isn’t big enough for you the next grills up from the Q range are the Spirit range.  But you would be sacrificing portability for a big heavy grill.

What is the Build Quality Like?

This grill is much more lightweight than the other ranges of grills that Weber manufacture.  This is due to the fact that it is made from cast aluminium instead of steel.  This adds to the portability of the grill and as result it’s not built like a tank.  The cart that the grill is mounted on is made from nylon with two large wheels.

Does the Grill Have a Rotisserie?

None of the “Q” grills come with a rotisserie.  However Weber do make a motorized rotisserie which you can purchase separately and mount on the grill.  With the rotisseries you will be able to rotate a whole chicken on a spit over the grill. Please make sure you purchase the correct rotisserie kit for you grill as they come in different sizes to match the size of your grill.

Does the Grill Have a Side Burner?

None of the “Q” grills have a side burner and there is no option to purchase one separately.  Side burners are ideal for heating up a saucepan of sauce on the side of the grill but they aren’t available on the portable range of “Q” grills.

What are the Differences between the Q3200 and the Q2200?

The main difference between these two grills is the size.  The Q2200 only has one burner and the grilling area is slightly more than half the size.  The smaller size means that it is more portable and you will have to locate a suitable cooking surface to place it as it does not have its own cart like the Q3200 has.  The grill is ideal for a small family of four people but you will start to struggle if you have guests over.

What are the Differences between the Q2200 and the Q2000?

The dimensions of these two grills are the same and they cook the same amount of food.  The Q2000 lacks a few features in order to provide a cheaper model to suit smaller budgets.  The main differences are that there is no thermometer in the lid on the Q2000.  This means that you will have to keep a close eye on the food as if it’s gets too hot inside you will incinerating your food.  The Q2000 does not come with the split grill that allows you to use both a grill and a griddle the same time.

What About the Q1000 and the Q1200?

These two grills are like smaller versions  of the Q2000 and Q2200.  They are much smaller at about two thirds of the size so they can grill significantly less food.

Comparison Table

Model: Q 1000

Model: Q 1200

Model: Q 2000

Model: Q 2200

Model: Q 3200

Number of Burners11112
Total Cooking Area189189280280468
Number of Burger Patties88111119
Built in ThermometerNYNYY
Grill Out LightNNNNY

What is the Best Place to Buy a Q3200 Grill?

All the Weber grills are available from Amazon which is my preferred place to shop due the excellent prices and customer service.  Plus because so many people shop on Amazon the most popular products have hundreds of customer reviews.

I personally find that the customer reviews on Amazon are one of the best places to research a product before purchase.  The Q3200 currently has over 150 Amazon customer reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 with 79% of customer giving it a 5 start review.

 The Final Verdict

The Q3200 is a great grill that is about as high end as you are likely to get and still be portable at the same time.  It’s perfect for catering for a medium sized family both at home on the patio or taking on a camping trip.

The grilling area is very large for a portable grill not only in surface area but also in height.  This means that when the lid is down you still have plenty of room to cook a whole chicken.

I love grilling but I hate having to clean up afterwards.  Fortunately the grill comes with a disposable grease tray that can be removed and replaced with a new one.  The actual grill grids are easy to clean too thanks to the porcelain-enamel coating.

I liked how quickly the grill heats up and how well it maintains a steady temperature.  The burner evenly distributes the heat across the whole grill which is good as some cheaper grills have hot spots where the area closer to the burner is much hotter than the rest of the grill.

You don’t get a sear station on a grill of this size but it still does a good job of creating those classic grill marks on the food with minimal extra effort.

The problem with the Q3200 is that it’s high end price means it’s in the same price range as the lower end Weber Spirit models.  So you need to ask yourself whether you want a top of the range portable grill or whether you want to spend the same amount of money on a larger grill at the expense of portability.  If it’s portability you want then this is the grill to get.  Happy grilling!

5 Responses to “Weber Q3200 Review – The High End of Portable Grills”

  1. Elizabeth

    This review is great. I particularly like the grease tray feature. If I take it camping how many hours should I let it cool down before I try moving it?

  2. Sharon Swanson

    Thanks for the informative review. I’ve been looking for a compromise between portability and having a grill that’s large enough to cook on when family come to visit. We don’t have a big outdoor area so I like the idea that we can wheel this out of storage and onto our patio when guests come. As I’m not looking for a big heavy grill, this sounds like the grill for me!

  3. Nick

    Really great write up Martin! I love how easily I’m able to look at the different features of the Q3200 without having to necessarily read everything. Very user-friendly page and site, thanks for your help on my buying choice!

  4. George B

    Great review! On Amazon, I noticed that there’s an option to include assembly by a local pro with assembly time of 3 hours. Is it difficult to assemble on your own? Thanks!

    • Martin

      They are pretty easy to put together. I would say it should take you 1.5-2 hours. You certainly don’t need a pro.


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