The Weber Spirit range of gas grills are a more affordable range of gas grills to the more expensive Weber Genesis range.  The range consists of several models that offer a choice of either 2 or 3 burners and the option of a side burner.  Side burners allow you to heat up a saucepan on the side of the grill which is perfect for heating up some sauce to go with the meat you are grilling.

For the purpose of this grill I will be focusing mainly on the Spirit E-310 which is a 3 burner grill.  I will include a table later in this review so that you can see at a glance the differences between the different models.  There is also a Spirit S-310 grill which is identical but comes in stainless steel.

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What are the Main Features?

  • The grill is equipped with 3 stainless steel burners with a combined input of 32,000 BTU per hour.
  • The primary grilling area is 424 square inches which is big enough for approximately 21 burgers.
  • Above the main grilling area is a 105 square inch warming rack.
  • The cast iron grates are coated with enameled porcelain.
  • The grill comes with “Flavorizer” bars that capture the juices from the food so they don’t flow into the burners and cause flare ups.  As the juices run down the Flavorizer bars they sizzle and release smoke which helps to flavor the food.
  • The grill features electronic cross ignition so there’s no need for matches or a lighter.  Just one button press is all it takes to light the grill.
  • There is a choice of liquid propane or natural gas models.  The liquid propane model features a gauge which shows you clearly how much gas you have remaining.  The propane canister is stored in the cabinet beneath the grill.
  • The grill has a lid which can be closed over the top of the food whilst it’s grilling.  On the front of the lid is mounted a thermometer which clearly shows you the temperature inside the grill.
  • If you want the additional 12,000 BTU side burner then you should look at the slightly more expensive E-320 version of the grill.
  • On both sides of the grill are food preparation tables and each one has three hooks from which you can hang your grilling tools.  On the smaller 2 burner grills the tables fold away to make the grill easier to store away.

Does it have a Sear Station?

The only grill in the Spirit range that has a sear station is the E-330 and it has a BTU of 7,500.  A sear station is a special burner in the center of the grill that increases the heat in order create those classic grill marks on the food or to caramelize the meat.  You can still sear the food without a sear station bit it will take you a little longer.

Does it have a Rotisserie?

None of the Spirit grills come with a rotisserie.  You can however purchase a motorized rotisserie and attach it to you Spirit grill.  A rotisserie lets you cook whole chickens on a spit that rotates over the grill.

Which Spirit Grills have a Side Burner?

Only the E-220 and E-320 Spirit grills come with a side burner.  The side burner can be found inside the left food preparation table which lifts up to reveal the burner beneath.

What are the Differences between This Grill and the Cheaper E-210 and the E-220?

The E-210 is quite a bit smaller and only has two burners and smaller cooking area.  It can cook about 18 burgers at a time.  The E-220 is the same as the E-210 but also comes with a side burner.

Do All Models in the Spirit Range Have a Natural Gas Option?

Thew only models in the Spirit range that also have the choice of a natural gas model are the S-310 and E-310.

Which Grill Is Right For Me?

Choosing a grill from the Summit range should be based upon how many people you expect to cater for.  If they will be small gatherings then the E-210 may be sufficient for you.    For the next model up from the E-310 you will have to take a look at the Genesis range and you can read my review here.

Visual Comparison Table

MODEL: E-210

MODEL: S-210

MODEL: E-310

MODEL: E-330

Number of Burners2233
Total Cooking Area450450529529
Number of Burger Patties18182121
Sear StationNNNY
Side BurnerNNNY

Is There any Assembly Required?

For shipping purposes Weber don’t ship the grill to you in one piece.  As a result you will need to assemble it.  Assembly is very easy as the grill comes with very easy to follow diagrams showing how to fit it all together.  It can easily be put together within a couple of hours and Weber are available 24 hours a day via phone and internet support.

What about the Build Quality?

The build quality on the Spirit range is where you can start to see that corners have been cut in order to drive the price down.  The build quality is actually very good, just not as good as the amazing build quality you find in the Genesis range.  It’s still a very sturdy and nice looking grill.

How Long Does it Take to Heat Up?

The grill heats up very quickly and takes about 10 minutes to get up to full blast.  Remember to put the lid down on the grill as it will heat up much more quickly and retain the heat allowing you turn the gas down.  Just make sure that you keep an eye on the temperature when you have the lid down as this grill can reach temperatures in excess of 500 degrees.

Where are the Spirit Grills Made?

I was disappointed to discover that the Spirit range are made in China unlike the higher end Weber grills in the Genesis and Summit ranges which are still made in the USA.  Fortunately they are still designed in the USA and still retain the original spirit of Weber grills.

Where Can I Buy a Weber Spirit Grill?

You can buy the full range of Weber Spirit grills from Amazon.   What I really like about Amazon is that so many people buy from there that they have a hundreds of customer reviews for each product.   This grill currently has an average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 from over 1,200 customers.  Amazon also stocks the full range of Weber accessories such as grill covers and rotisseries attachments.  Amazon’s customer service is great too.

What’s the Verdict?

The E-310 is a very good grill.  However if you are expecting it to be a smaller version of the more expensive Genesis grills with less features then you might be a little bit disappointed.   There is a noticeable difference in quality in all areas from appearance to build quality and features.

I also found it strange that not all models in the Spirit range have a natural gas model.  Only the S-310 and E-310 have the option of a natural gas option in addition to the liquid propane models.

The only annoyances I encountered were setting the grill up for the first time as I’m impatient and can’t wait to put things together.  The propane canister is also a little awkward to fit as there is only limited space inside the storage cabinet.

The major pluses are that the even heat distribution and the high powered burners heat the food up very quickly.  The Flavorizer bars which are unique to Weber grills help to add a more interesting flavor to the food.  Food does actually taste noticeably different on a Weber grill.

In its price range the Weber Summit series is the best range of grills that you can buy.  I am sure you will be happy customer if you purchased a Weber grill.  So happy grilling!

9 Responses to “Weber Spirit E-310 Review (Featuring the Weber Spirit E-320)”

  1. Maria

    Thank you for your honest review and comparisons on the Spirit Weber grills as well as other Weber grills. The Spirit may not be made in the USA like the other Weber grills but I bet it is still a considerably good grill. I really like a side burner as an option, although with just my husband an I as empty nesters we like a small grill for everyday use. I am a Weber fan!

  2. George B

    Thanks for the review! I have a Weber charcoal grill and love it. I’m looking to supplement with a gas grill for when we’re short on time and also for larger gatherings. The E-310 looks like a great choice for the price. Thanks again for the article and the great site!

  3. Carl

    Great review, i currently have a charcoal BBQ( i love it), but sometimes its to much of a hassle to crank up to cook for me and my wife. i think one of these smaller Barbies will be perfect for doing the small jobs, or additional cook space when we have bigger parties. Cheers

  4. Linda

    Interesting review. Thanks for all the information on the different grills. We enjoy barbequing with friends and family.
    We enjoy the Weber propane grill. It is very convenient and fast to grill on. We also use the third burner on the side. It is nice to keep things warm.

  5. Marge

    Hi Martin! I appreciate all the information in this post. We’re getting ready to move and are not taking our gas grill with us, so we’ll be shopping for a new one soon. The cooking area is huge – 21 burgers! Wow! Our current grill is always flaring up, so the flavorizer bars sound really great, too. Is there a good warranty on this grill?

    • Martin

      Hi Marge, the warranty is 5 years on all the main components e.g. burners, cook box, lid assembly, cooking grates. 2 years on other parts.

  6. Gwen Jones

    My family just moved into a new house and the previous owners had left a fantastic grill on the porch (for whatever reason). Well, it was originally a propane grill but neither if us really like cooking with propane; we much prefer charcoal. Luckily, my super handy husband was able to convert the thing to burn charcoal and it’s been working great all summer! Does anyone make a grill that goes back and forth from propane to charcoal? i just ask because it seems like everyone has their own taste when it comes to the grill.

    • Martin

      Yes Gwen, there are a number of combo grills which have two cookboxes. You can grill with propane on the left whilst grilling with charcoal on the right. Do a search on Amazon for dual fuel or combo grills.

  7. GalenaB

    We love Weber although we don’t own a grill (yet). Thanks for such a thorough review on this model. We’ll definitely be adding it to our list as we figure which is the right one to invest in!



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