Weber is a brand that has for decades been associated with the very best in outdoor grilling.  If you have entered the market looking for a top of the range grill then a Weber grill from the Summit range surely has to be given your serious consideration.  We will be taking a look at the Weber Summit S-670 which is the flagship of the Summit range.  We will also be taking a look at all the other models in the Summit range in order to give you an understanding of how they compare.

Weber have grouped their grills into three different ranges with the Summit range at the very top and they represent the very pinnacle in backyard barbecuing excellence.

The Summit S-670 is a huge grill! You really shouldn’t even be considering this grill unless you are going to be catering regularly for large gatherings as otherwise it would be sheer overkill.  But if you need a big grill the S-670 has the size matched with build quality and features to make it the perfect grill for big barbecues.

This grill is not cheap!  I will be going through the features of the grill and how it compares with the others in the range to help you make a decision as to which one best suits your needs.  You might decide after reading this review that you don’t need all the features of the S-670 and that another grill in the range would satisfy your requirements just as well for a cheaper price.

The options you have available in the Summit range are a choice of 4 or 6 burners and whether you want a sear station or not.  All models are available as stainless steel or in black.  Stainless steel models have an S prefix e.g. S-670 whilst the black version has an E-prefix e.g. E-670.

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What are the Main Features?

  • The most important feature of any grill are the burners, the S-670 has six of them!  The total input when you have all six of them blazing is 60,000 BTU per hour.  One BTU is approximately equivalent to that of single burning match.  The burners provide heat to a main cooking area of 624 square inches.  That’s room for a lot of burgers!  About 40 in fact! If you are starting to think that might be a too big for your needs you might like to scroll down and read about the slightly smaller grills in the range with four burners.
  • With the S-670 you also get a smoke burner which has a 6,800 BTU per hour input.    The benefit of the smoke burner is that it adds additional flavor to the food. I found that I noticed the smoky flavor more when cooking ribs or using the rotisserie to cook chicken.
  • The presence of the smoke burner however means that the S-670 does not have quite such a large cooking area as some of the grills in the Summit range.  As a result you can get a slightly cheaper model and get a bigger cooking area if you are prepared to sacrifice having a smoke burner.  So if you want a bigger overall cooking area at the expense of the smoker you should take a look at the Summit S-620 or E-620.  They both have an overall cooking area of 693 square inches compared to 624 squares inches.  This means you get about any extra 10% cooking area which equals about an extra four burgers.
  • The grill burners are operated by front mounted dials which are all also illuminated.  This comes in handy if you are using the grill at night time.  In order to ignite an individual burner you rotate the dial and it will make a clicking sound as the ignition system is engaged.  If you purchased the liquid propane model of the grill it will also come will a fuel gauge that is situated next to the controls. There is also an additional fuel gauge in the cupboard beneath the grill.
  • The main grill is also illuminated by two “Grill Out” handle lights.  These have sensors that detect when the lid of the grill is opened and turn on the lights.  So now you can grill in the dark!  These are each powered by three AAA batteries.
  • The main grilling area features a stainless steel lid that you can use to cover the grill to increase heat inside the grill and reduce the cooking time.  The lid features a built in thermometer so that you can keep an idea on the temperature inside the grill.
  • On either side of the grill is mounted a food preparation table and each of these is fitted with three hooks where you can hang your grilling tools.

How Good is the Build Quality?

Like all Weber grills the Summit S-670 is made with exceptional build quality from stainless steel.  Even the burners themselves and the cooking grates are made from stainless steel.   The cooking grates are comprised of 9.5mm diameter rods that will burn those amazing looking sear marks into your food.

This is a heavy duty grill that stands firm and steady and has been built to last.  Weber Summit grills all come with a 10 year warranty.  For a product that is designed to be left outside this is an exceptional warranty and it should serve to reassure you just how tough this grill is.

This is a very heavy grill that is not designed for portability.  However it can be moved around on its four casters.  The front two casters feature locks to stabilize the grill once in position.

The grill is 74.1 inches wide and the height with the lid open is 57.1 inches.  It has a depth of 30 inches.

One of the most unique features of any Weber grill is that they all feature “Flavorizer” bars.  These too are made of stainless steel. They are designed to capture the juices as they run off the food so that they don’t run into the burners.  This prevents those familiar flare ups you see when using inferior grills.  As the juices flow across the Flavorizer bars they sizzle and smoke and this adds additional flavor to the food.

In addition to the main cooking area you also get a 145 square inch warming rack that is positioned above the main grill. This feature is common to all the grills in the Summit range.  This means that the S-670 has a total cooking area of 769 square inches whist the S-620 / E-620 has 838 square inches due to absence of the smoke burner.

Does the Grill Have a Sear Station?

If 60,000 BTU per hour is not enough for you then you will be pleased to know that there is an additional 10,600 BTU provided by a sear station.  This is located centrally within the main grilling area of the S-670.  Not all grills in the Summit range have a sear station which means you should cross the S-420 and S-620 model off you’re list if you want a grill with a sear station.

The benefit of the sear station is that it provides an additional boost of heat to the center of the grill that allows you to create those grill marks much more quickly and for caramelizing your food.  This gives the food a more unique flavor that you can only get from a high end grill.  The sear station is by no means essential as you can sear food without one; it will just take you longer.

Does the Grill Have a Rotisserie?

If you are going to be grilling whole chickens then you will absolutely love the built in rotisserie feature of the S-670. These were previously provided as an optional extra but they now come fitted as standard.  At the rear of the main cooking area is mounted an infrared burner in front of which you can rotate a whole chicken on a motorized spit.  This burner has an input of 10,600 BTU per hour.  The rotisserie unit can easily be tucked away when not in use.

Does the Grill Have a Side Burner?

No barbecue would be complete without sauce and when you have a high end grill you don’t want to have to run back indoors to heat a saucepan of sauce up on the hob.  That’s where the 12,000 BTU per hour side burner comes in handy.  This is mounted to the right of the main grill area inside the food preparation table and is perfect for heating up those delicious sauces to go with your grilled meat.

Is There Any Assembly Required?

The grill weighs a whopping 287 pounds so not surprisingly it doesn’t ship to you fully assembled in one piece.  However assembly is straightforward and I expect it will take you about 2-3 hours to put together.  Just remember to assemble it where you plan to store it as you won’t want to have to move it as it’s so heavy.  The instructions are very easy to follow and there is always Weber’s 24 hour support available online and phone to assist you.

Is the S-670 Overkill For You?

Six burners, a rotisserie, a sear station and a smoke burner all come as standard with the S-670.  But do you need all these features?  Or perhaps you want all these features but your social gatherings aren’t quite big enough to require such a big grilling area.  For exactly the same features but with only four burners and a smaller grilling area you might find that the S-470 better suits your requirements.

Is There a Choice of Liquid Propane or Natural Gas?

The S-670 is available in two variations for either liquid propane or natural gas usage.  My preference would be for natural gas if you have it available at your property.  If not you will require the liquid propane model which is a fueled by a 20lb tank which is not supplied.  The tank is situated inside the cabinet beneath the grill.  The only differences are that the natural gas model does not have a fuel gauge and the liquid propane model is supplied with a 10 foot long flexible hose to attach it to your gas supply.

Looking after Your Grill

Weber grills are built to last and to survive the elements but you wouldn’t want to spend all that money and leave it exposed to the elements.  They are certainly too big and heavy for me to want to wheel into a storage shed when not in use.  My tip would be to get a cover for it at the time of purchase as Weber make covers designed especially for this model of grill.

Optional Extras

Weber also manufactures many grilling tools and accessories.  For example they make ceramic pizza stones and a 13 x 11 inch stainless steel vegetable basket.  I highly recommend the vegetable basket as a grill surface isn’t ideal for vegetables.  It’s so much easier to transfer vegetables to and from the grill in a basket and the high sides make it easy to turn the vegetables over during cooking without them falling onto the grill.

If a grilled breakfast of bacons and eggs takes your fancy then you may be interested in Weber’s cast iron griddles.  The smooth surface makes grilling bacon easy and you certainly can’t grill eggs without it!

Weber Summit S-670 vs S-620

The S-620 is basically the S-670 and has the same dimensions but is without all the extras so that you get a bigger grilling area.  This means that you don’t get a sear station, smoke burner and no infrared burner for the rotisserie.  This means that you get an extra 69 square inches of cooking area making the overall grilling area about 10% larger.  The other difference is that the sexy illuminated burner dials aren’t included.  You can expect to pay about 25% less for the S-620 and you get a bigger grilling area at the expense of all the extras.

Weber Summit S-670 vs S-470

The S-670 is pretty much identical to the S-470 except that is has only four burners instead of six.  This means that the width is 8 inches less than S-670 and therefore it has a smaller grilling area and smaller warming area.  This works out at only 468 square inches of main grilling area compared to 624 square inches.  The bottom line is that you get everything the S-670 has but you can only grill two thirds the amount of food.  You can expect to pay around 25% less for the S-470 compared to the S-670.  There’s one other minor difference and that there is only one “Grill Out” light instead of two.

Weber Summit S-670 vs S-420

The S-420 is the bottom of the Summit range of high end grills.  So far we have compared the S-670 to the S-620 and the S-470 and they have either differed based on size or because they lack all the extras.  With the S-420 both differences apply and you not only get a smaller grill with only four burners instead of six, but your also don’t get the extras (sear station, smoke burner, infrared rotisserie burner) either.  The dimensions are the same as the S-470 but the lack of a smoke burner means you are actually getting a larger grilling area.  As a result it’s a big step down from the S-670 in both size and features but you otherwise get the same grill.  You can expect to pay about 40% less than the S-670.

If the Summit S-420 is still out of your price range then you will have to take a further step down and have a look at the Genesis range of grills instead.  You can read my Weber Genesis S-310 review elsewhere on this site.

Stainless Steel Grills vs Colored Finish

All of the grills in the Summit range are available in stainless steel and the model numbers carry the S prefix e.g. S-420, S-470, S-670.  The colored models are identical and carry the E-prefix e.g. E-420, S-470, S-670.  Unfortunately the E series is only available in black unlike the Genesis range where there is a choice of three colors.

Visual Comparison Table

I have covered all of the grills in the Summit ranges primarily focusing on the flagship S-670.  I have attempted to explain the differences between each of the different models but I appreciate that it would be a lot clearer presented in chart format.  So I have compiled the main differences between the models in the chart blow.

Model: S-420 & E-420

Model: S-470 & E-470

Model: S-620 & E-620

Model:S-670 & E-670

Number of Burners4466
Total Cooking Area650580838769
Number of Burger Patties26233431
Sear StationNYNY
Side BurnerYYYY
Infrared Rotisserie BurnerNYNY
Tuck Away RotisserieNYNY
Smoker BurnerNNNY
Lighted Control KnobsNYNY
Stainless Steel "S" Model
Black "E" Model

Free Standing Grills – The Summit S-660

If you would prefer a free standing version of the S-670 then you should consider the Summit S-660.  There are a number of important differences when buying the free standing version.

There are no food preparation tables on the side.  This makes a lot of sense from a design point of view as you can have a stone counter top around the grill that you can use to prepare the food instead.

There are no fuel gauges for the liquid propane version of the grill and the propane tank is not stored in the cabinet underneath the grill.

Unlike the S-670 the side burner that comes as standard has to be purchased separately for the S-660.  This is a dual side burner with two 12,000 BTU per hour burners.

Other than that the grills are the same.

Free Standing Grills – Summit S-660 vs S-460

The Summit S-460 is the free standing version of the Summit S-470.  This is the ideal grill for you if the S-660 is too big as you only get four burners instead of six.  As with the S-660 the side burner is an optional extra that does not come as standard

Model: S-460 Built-In

Model: S-660 Built-In

Number of Burners46
Total Cooking Area580769
Number of Burger Patties2331
Sear StationYY
Side BurnerNN
Smoker BurnerYY
Infrared Rotisserie BurnerYY
Lighted Control KnobsYY
Stainless Steel Only

In What Country are Weber Summit Grills Made?

Weber design and manufacture their grills in the United States and they are distributed and sold worldwide.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Weber Grill?

All of the Weber Summit grill models discussed in this review are available to buy from Amazon where they are usually discounted from the official list price.  Amazon sell pretty much everything these days and their customer service is excellent.

The Final Verdict

Are there any features that Weber has left out of their Summit grills?  I certainly can’t think of any.  This is a stunningly beautiful grill that will take pride of place on your patio and be the envy of your friends and neighbors.  It’s got the heat, it’s got the looks, it’s got the build quality and it’s got the features.  The unique features such as the smoke burner, the seer station and the Flavorizer Bars all help to enhance the flavor of the foods in ways that other grills simply can’t. Food cooked on a Weber grill simply tastes better.

So if it’s a high end grill you are after then the S-670 is as good as grills get and it’s the top of the Weber range.  I think thousands of Weber owners like me would agree that you can’t go wrong with a Weber grill.  As a result the final decision really comes down to your budget, the size of the grill you require and whether you need all the extras like side burner, sear station and infrared rotisserie burner.

If the S-670 is going to stretch your budget too far then you will need to make a decision between features or size.   In this case it’s either going to be a 4 burner grill with all the features (smoke box, seer station and infrared rotisserie burner) or a 6 burner grill without them.  I would personally sacrifice the extra size for features as they make a noticeable difference and more variation in the taste of the food.  But if you absolutely need a grill that caters for the maximum number of people then you should get the 6 burner grill without the extra features.  Whatever your decision I’m sure you will be delighted with your grill.  So happy grilling!

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  1. Forget Your Feet

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    Great review. This grill looks awesome with some great features!! And with 6 burners you can host some major BBQ’s with this bad boy!!

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    They have a built in rotisserie? It’s sealed the deal for me. If you’re going to spend over a grand on a grill anyway, you might aswell have the full shebang! You just can’t beat a good BBQ in the garden with a few beers at this time of year. Thanks for the info here, it’s made it much easier to find out the difference between the models.

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